Mosaics by Valerie Mosaics by Valerie Toucan Italian and Mexican smalti ,stained glass , murano millefiore. Size 14'' x 18'' ( 35cm x 45cm ) 174961521 Abubilla A beautiful bird ,from Spain. Italian smalti, murano millefiore, stained glass. Size 14'' x18'' ( 35cm x 45cm) 174961520 Fraction A portrait of my niece's dog. Stained glass, baroque pearls, smalti, hand made clay tiles. Size 14'' x 18'' (35cm x 45cm) 174961515 Ammonite Ammonite, 24ct gold Italian smalti, cinco tiles, hand made tiles. Size 10 ''x 10'' (25cm x 25 cm) 174961516 Blessings Agate, ammonite, sea urchin spines, pearls, stained glass, quartz crystals, sea spines, copper nuggets, mother-of-pearl. Size 8'' x 12'' [ 20cm x30cm ] 86252431 50th Anniversary A gift. Porcelain flowers ,micro mosaics,beads,ceramic gold tiles. Size 6'' x 8'' (15cm x20cm) 174961519 Oliva Stained glass,ceramic tiles ,smalti ,and beads. Size 14'' x 18'' (35cm x 45cm) 174961517 Miraflores I created ,this mosaic,after a fascinating trip to Peru. Murano millefiori, beads, stained glass, vitreous glass,and ceramic. Glass plate substrate. Size 12.5in x 12.5in ( 32cm x 32cm ) 85784828 Moo Cow A fun gift ,for a friend. Mixed media. Size 8'' x 12'' ( 20cm x 30 cm) 174961514 Frog mirror A gift for my niece,who adores frogs.What fun I had making this mosaic. Mixed media. Size 10'' x 15'' [ 25cm x 38cm ] 86252432 Mirror Mixed media. Size 10'' x 10'' (25cm x 25cm) 174961518 Bling Teens' birthday gift. Stained glass, bugle beads, mother-of-pearl, mirror, ceramic micro-mosaics, diamante', and glass beads. 85783272 The actual presentation. The mayor receiving, from myself, the mosaic of the 17th century map of Oliva .It now hangs in the town hall of Oliva. 86451100 17th century map of Oliva Presented to the Mayor of Oliva, on behalf of the U3A [Univercity of the Third Age ] of which I am the Craft Leader. Size 10'' x15'' [ 25cm x 42.5cm ] Made of micro mosaic tiles 5mm x 5mm [1/4'' x 1/4'' ]Edged in fine gravel,from the Mediterranean beach. 86252430 Melody in Mauve This is my first venture into a contempory mosaic. Mexican smalti, chalcopyrite, amethysts banded, polished and natural cluster, paua shell, ping pong, beach glass Size 8'' x 12'' (20cm x 30cm). 96812816 Oliva -close up This close up shows the church domes,decorated with my mother's pearls. The clock ,on the church steeple,now has pride of place,as it was my father's watch. 86252534 Oliva Oliva,Valencia,Spain. The historic pueblo, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, is now my home town and how I visualised it 100 years ago. Wall mosaic of mixed media. Size 68'' x 50 '' [ 173cm x 127cm ] 86252535 Oliva -close-up The doors are driftwood that I had collected from the Mediterranean seashore. 86252433 Floral Cross I made this mosaic as a celebration of the first entry into the Oliva Floral Cross contest,by our neighbourhood group,they came fourth. Stained glass,millefiore,van gogh and cinca tiles, beads,pebbles and porcelain flowers. 86336967 Flora and Fauna Table-close up This mosaic was inspired by the beautiful wild flowers and butterflies that adorn my mountains,on which I walk twice a week. 86252427 Flora and Fauna Table This table is on my terrace,where I dine,whilst overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Sicis Iridium and Murano Smalto. Size 39'' x 72'' [100cm x 183cm ] 86252429 Floral Cross. This is the original. I also helped to assemble,the cross,by attaching the fresh flowers. 86338632